Prayer for Restorative Justice during “Crime Victim Awareness Week”

20 04 2010

We gather as members of this community.

We gather as wounded people.

We gather as advocates of justice.

We gather as broken people

in need of you;

in need of redemption;

in need of reconciliation.

We hear a promise of good news for the poor,

liberty for the captives,

sight for the blind

and freedom for the oppressed.

Help us receive these gifts:

For we are poor when we feel no hope.

We are captives if vengeance fills our hearts.

We are blind when we do not recognize the humanity of our neighbors.

We are oppressed if grief paralyzes us.

Help us to forgive ourselves and each other

as we seek restorative justice in our lives, our families, our communities.

Help us to accept your movement in our lives as you reconcile the whole world to yourself.

Help us to learn new ways to love one another,

so that all people may know peace, justice and love.